About Me

I first began blogging (here)during my undergraduate year abroad and enjoyed it so much I picked it up again when training to teach (here).  I continued as an NQT and then during my Masters. Since then I felt that I’ve ‘outgrown’ the Bex-Trex name and decided it was time to start afresh here. Blogging has always been a great way for me to reflect and that was especially useful during my training. Now, as well as reflecting, I’d like to share more of what happens in my classroom, the things I am finding out and my thoughts on education more generally. I hope the blog can continue to be interesting and useful to a range of people.



Who am I?



Head of Spanish in a large Secondary school in Essex.

Council Member of the Chartered College of Teaching and currently part of the Chartered Teacher Pilot (2018-19)

Previously worked in an all girls grammar school and another large comprehensive school.

Attendee of many ResearchEd events and speaker at one so far!

Tweets at @BexN91 and founder of @MFLChat for the already established #MFLTwitterati (Wednesdays, 8.30-9pm)